Ceramics guitars

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Sometimes life can hold some unexpected surprises and, that is what has happened to me, in fact until a few years ago i never thought of doing the ceramist, I make the luthier, but when the passion come (in all its forms) everything is possible. I was born in Perugia, in 1972 and, as a child I' ve always been attracted to everything that gives birth to creativity, understand how an object rises and works, this desire for knowledge has certainly helped me in my present job, where the creativity applied to crafts is essential. When I was about 16, while I still was in high school, I started to have a great passion for music and, from there I started playing guitar. A few years after I graduated in accounting (at Commercial Techniques Institute of Perugia), then in 1998 I started working ceramist. The unusual thing is that previously I had never taken a brush in hand, whereas the school from Which I had graduated was so far from ceramics. Thanks to an uncle (master ceramist), who taught me trade secrets and, thanks to the passion for this work, I was able to quickly get good result. Over time, however, the desire to escape from the usual patterns ceramics, and the growing desire in me to have a guitar with my favourite paintings, led me in 2003 to undertake this particular adventure, combine my two great passions, music and ceramics. After several studies and tests, in 2005 I finally was able to create my first ceramics guitar, thereby taking shape in my mind. I must admit that it was a very complicated undertaking, whereas the material used for the creation, but this did not stop me from to get a balance between stability of the structure, weight, and sound quality.

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